Flowzone Engineering Solution

Gas Solenoid Valve

Valve Information

Port: Refer to the technical data sheet (Available BSP)

End Connection: Screwed

Body Material: Aluminum Pressure Die Cast

Media Temp: -10° C to 60° C

Diapharagm: Nitrile (NBR)

Circumstance Temp: -30° C to 70° C

Media: Air, Natural Gas, Town Gas, Air.

Main Features: Flow adjustment, Opening time adjustment, Quick release initial flow adjustment

Operating Voltage & Power Consumption:

110AC 230AC 12DC 24DC
30W 30W 30W 31W

Other Specification Data: Available on Request

Coil Details

Coil Features: High Reliability Unaffected by Voltage Surges. Easy coil changes coil lockable in 4X90 position or freely movable in between as required..

Coil Housing: Epoxy square coil.


The use of a filter in the inlet port is recommended.
Coils are conforming as per IEC-60335-1 with derivatives (LVD / EMC).
The gas Solenoid Valve complies with EN-161 requirements.


  • Technical Bulletin
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