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Neles™ 3-way globe valve, series GW

The Neles GW series of globe valves excel in diverting and mixing applications, delivering unparalleled control performance and reliability. Standard units come equipped with Neles diaphragm actuators and valve controllers, ensuring precise flow control, extended operational lifespan, and online performance monitoring.


  • Maintenance is hassle-free.
  • Ownership costs are low, and maintenance requirements are minimal.
  • Process stability and noise are effectively controlled.
  • The valve is designed to emit low levels of emissions in accordance with ISO 15848 standards.


  • Top and bottom entry construction allows for effortless maintenance.
  • The valve features a sturdy and robust top-guided and seat-guided trim construction, as well as hardened trim surfaces, which result in extended service life.
  • The valve offers a broad range of trim capacities and characteristics to optimize performance.
  • A broad selection of materials is available to suit various applications.
  • The valve is available in both flanged and welding-end body options.
  • The valve is designed for low emissions and is ISO 15848 compliant, with bellows packing available.
  • NACE material options are available
  • The valve is SIL 3 certified.


  • Oil and gas production
  • Petrochemicals
  • Chemicals
  • Power plants
  • Industrial gas


Unbalanced, top & seat-guided
Size range
DN 25 – 250 / 1″ – 10″
Pressure classes
ASME 150 – 600 /PN10 – 100
Temperature range
-29 to +425 °C / -20 to +797 °F
ANSI/FCI 70-2 class II – IV


  • Technical Bulletin
  • Installation, maintenance and operating brochure
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