Flowzone Engineering Solution

Neles™ Q-Disc™ flow balancing trim for Neldisc™ butterfly valves

The Q-Disc design, currently pending a patent, incorporates extreme flow balancing to enhance its control service capabilities. This innovative design effectively reduces the dynamic torque effect caused by flow, making it suitable for high-pressure drop services. Additionally, the Q-Disc design leads the market in noise reduction, achieving up to 12 dB reduction.

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  • Advanced flow balancing technology
  •  Significantly reduces dynamic torque load
  •  Market-leading noise reduction capabilities
  • Superior control performance and high capacity
  • Easy modular add-on for LW, LG, and L6 Model D valves


The Q-Disc is specifically engineered to counteract the torque effect generated by the flow in standard offset designs, which is caused by uneven pressure across the disc surface.
By distributing pressure more uniformly, the Q-Disc reduces the required torque and enhances flow control efficiency.


Size range:
DN 80 – 300 / 3″ – 12″
Temperature range:
upto + 600 °C
Pressure classes:
PN 10 – 40 / ASME 150 – 300
Cv range:
196 – 5720


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