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Neles™ butterfly valve, series BN

The Neles BN series butterfly valve is designed for industrial gas applications and offers a cost-effective solution with a one-piece body and an eccentric soft seat. It provides long-lasting tight shut-off capability, excellent flow characteristics, and long service life. Additionally, the BN series butterfly valve is suitable for control applications.

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  • High valve capacity at a low cost
  • Market-leading valve capacity
  • Quick and easy maintenance, including on-site maintenance


  • High capacity with 2-piece shaft design
  • Low emission packing design for reduced environmental impact
  • Triple bearing design for added stability and durability
  • Bi-directional soft sealing in accordance with EN12266 A for bubble-tight sealing
  • Special face-to-face length available, suitable for replacing gate valves
  • Available in sizes up to NPS64 / DN1600
  • Special materials such as Monel and AlBr available
  • BAM certification for oxygen applications, ensuring safety and reliability


  • Air Separation Unit (ASU)
  • Industrial gas
  • Chemical industry


Body constructions:
Flanged, lug and wafer design
Body pressure rating:
PN 10 – 40 / ASME Class 150 – 300
Size range:
DN 80 – 1600 / 3″ – 64″
max. +260 °C / +500 °F


  • Installation, maintenance and operation manual
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