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Neles™ high performance butterfly valve, series BWX

The Neles BWX series is a high-performance butterfly valve specially crafted for use in cryogenic applications, utilizing top-quality CrNi steel. The valve undergoes rigorous testing, including a cold shock test, to ensure reliability and safety. It is suitable for use with various cryogenic fluids, such as gaseous and liquid oxygen, LNG, nitrogen, and hydrogen.

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  • The product boasts an innovative design featuring a free-floating metallic seat
  • The seat is protected in the area of lowest tear and wear
  • The valve has a high capacity
  • It is suitable for use in cryogenic applications with a temperature range of -200 to +470°C / -320 to +880°F
  • The valve is best for use in oxygen service applications
  • The valve undergoes oil and grease-free assembly and testing
  • Non-metallic parts of the valve are tested using AM testing
  • The valve has a rating and flange face of ASME 600 / PN63 and API 609 respectively, with the option of EN558
  • The valve is available in sizes NPS4 … NPS24 / DN100 …DN600
  • Different cryogenic extension lengths are available for the valve


Temperature range:
-200 to +470 °C / -320 to +880 °F
ASME 600 /PN63
Size range:
NPS4 … NPS24 / DN100 …DN600
API 609, optional EN558


  • Technical bulletin
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