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Neles™ top entry rotary ball valve, series T5

The Neles T5 series of rotary ball valves are specifically engineered to fulfill the needs of the chemical, petrochemical, and refining sectors. With a distinctive trunnion mounted Stemball™ and the ability to incorporate Neles Q-trim™ technology, these valves are ideal for a broad range of challenging heavy-duty control tasks, such as anti-surge and blow-down services. Their anti-cavitation and noise reduction capabilities further enhance their suitability for use in demanding applications.


  • The top entry design makes maintenance a breeze, even for weld ends.
  • Neles Q2-trim is available as an option, providing superior gas noise reduction.
  • Attenuation plates can be integrated in-body as an optional feature, allowing for easy installation.
  • This construction is designed to meet low emission requirements in accordance with ISO 15848 standards.


  • The trunnion bearings are robust and heavy-duty.
  • The Stemball™ construction is unique and ensures no backlash between the stem and ball connection.
  • This valve has a face-to-face dimension in compliance with IEC 534-3 and ANSI/ISA S75.03.
  • The top entry design facilitates easy weld-end connections.
  • Seat selection options are application-based and include metal-to-metal and soft seats.
  • The valve is equipped with Neles Q-trim™ technology, providing anti-cavitation and noise reduction for control applications.
  • For gas applications, the latest Neles Q2-trim™ option is available.
  • Low emissions are achieved in accordance with ISO 15848 standards.
  • The valve is fire safe certified according to API 607.
  • The valve offers high Cv, including noise attenuation trims that are designed to be self-flushing.


  • Crude oil
  • Residual oil at elevated temperatures
  • LPG, LNG, and natural gas
  • Hydrocarbon vapors
  • High-pressure industrial gases
  • Blowdown service
  • Geothermal water and steam


Flanged or weld end
Reduced port trunnion mounted ball valve
Size range
DN 25 – 400 / 1″ – 16″
Face to face
IEC 534-3 and ANSI/ISA S75.03
Pressure ratings
PN 25 – 100 / ASME 150 – 600
Temperature range
-200 to +600 °C / -320 to +1110 °F


  • Technical Bulletin
  • Installation, maintenance and operation brochure
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