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Neles™ R- series segmented ball valve for on-off applications

The new Neles segmented ball valve is designed for on-off applications, incorporating the material-efficient design of control valves with the high capacity and reliable performance of Neles’ on-off valve seating technology. The valve comes standard with either cylinder or manual actuators and intelligent on-off valve controllers to ensure exceptional and dependable isolation performance.


  • The product delivers exceptional performance for high-capacity isolation applications
  • Light weight – easy to handle and mount
  • The product is the optimal choice for use in harsh environments
  • The product offers outstanding reliability while keeping maintenance costs low


Specially designed and tested on-off seat for reliable performance.

  • Specially designed and tested reliable on-off seat
  • Metal-seated construction developed with years of experience
  • Ball-to-seat contact enhanced by materials and coatings maximizing the product’s lifetime
  • Suitable for use with fibrous flow media
  • Standard metal-seated construction provides ISO 5208 RATE D tightness
  • Soft-seated constructions available for applications requiring extreme tightness

High operational efficiency.

  • V-port On-off design provides high capacity
  • Low friction ball-seat connection allows for smaller actuator selection
  • Material efficient valve body construction ensures competitiveness

Specially developed materials for harsh environments.

  • Corrosion resistance with special materials: CG8M, Titanium, Hastelloy C, 254 SMO, Super Duplex
  • Availability of metal and soft seated constructions
  • Ceramic coatings offered for metal seated valves to withstand corrosive environments

Safety and environment

  • Rotary operation reduces fugitive emissions
  • Fire-safe design can be achieved with metal seats and graphite packing


  • Pulp & paper
  • Petrochemicals
  • Refining
  • Chemicals


Body construction
Body pressure rating
PN 10 – 40 / ASME Class 150 – 300
Face to face
According to IEC 60534-3-2 / ISA 75.08.02 or IEC 60534-3-1
Size range
DN 300 – 800 / 12″ – 32″
Temperature range
-50 … +425 °C / -58 …+797 °F
ISO 5208 Rate D with metal seat. Rate C with soft seat.


  • Technical bulletin
  • Installation, maintenance and operation manual
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