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Axiom™ AN / ANX

The Stonel Axiom AN/ANX presents unparalleled dependability, utilizing non-contact position sensing alongside solid-state electronics and contaminant-resistant pneumatic control. Its compact form factor, resistance to corrosion, and networking/wireless connectivity further enhance its convenience and cost-effective advantages, particularly in hazardous and general-purpose industrial environments. Anticipating maintenance needs through predictive measures



  • The magnetic drive of this device eliminates the need for wear bushings and delivers ultra-high reliability.
  • Universal voltage support reduces inventory needs and facilitates standardization.
  • Push button switch setting allows for quick and convenient setup.
  • The robust enclosure can withstand most process environments.


  • The ANX features an epoxy-coated, anodized aluminum enclosure, while the AN model boasts an epoxy-coated, anodized aluminum housing with a polycarbonate cover.
  • Both models support universal voltage solenoid and switching, and offer convenient push-button switch settings.
  • The robust solenoid valve includes a standard rebreather, and single-acting actuators benefit from a rebreather system that minimizes corrosive ingestion.
  • Optional Bluetooth wireless access is available for configuration and diagnostics, providing convenient troubleshooting that anticipates problems, enhances plant uptime, and reduces maintenance costs.
  • The compact design minimizes the dimensional envelope of the valve-actuator assembly.


  • Automated on/off valve applications in hazardous process environments
  • Corrosive and wash-down process environments
  • Chemical process
  • Pharmaceutical and biotech
  • Marine & offshore
  • Oil & gas
  • Agri-processingManage and supervise an automated on/off valve across all process areas.
    The Axiom offers visual indicators and signal to report to the controller to monitor valve position, while the Axiom AN incorporates single or dual coil solenoid valves to manage the actuated valve’s position.
    Easy-to-use switch configuration.
    The touch sensors operate without any mechanical components; simply hold your finger on the button for two seconds to configure the setting. A vivid LED light provides confirmation of the successful setting. Communication versions enable you to program and configure the sensors through your smart device without the necessity of removing the cover.
    Configuration with either a single or dual pilot.
    The Axiom AN/ANX can be obtained with either a single or dual pilot configuration. The dual pilot alternatives are intended for fail-in-last position and shuttle piston applications. There are various external manual override alternatives available as well. If you require nonstandard manual override features for specific valve configurations, please contact StoneL for further assistance.
    Reliable position sensing
    The valve position is detected by a solid-state magnetic resistive (mag res) sensor that is highly reliable. It monitors the orientation of a magnet attached to the actuator. This design can tolerate lateral and vertical shaft movement that may occur in heavily used actuators without affecting rotational measurement.
    The LED indicator provides clear and easy-to-see visual indication.
    Valve position status can be easily viewed with the high-visibility LED indicators which provide high-intensity lighting for clear visibility even in sunlight and from a distance.
    Easy everything
    The valve position is detected by an exceptionally dependable solid-state magnetic resistive (mag res) sensor that monitors the magnet’s orientation attached to the actuator. This design can tolerate lateral and vertical shaft movement, which may occur in heavily used actuators, without affecting the rotational measurement.


Universal voltage switching and solenoid
Namur sensors (7-24 VDC)
Communication options:
AS-Interface and DeviceNet
Temperature range:
-40 °C … +80 °C / -40 °F … +176 °F
Epoxy coated anodized aluminum housing AN: Polycarbonate cover ANX: Epoxy coated anodized aluminum cover
Flow capacity:
0.8 Cv / 1.2 Cv
Hazardous area approvals: AN
Ex i, Class I, Division 1 (I.S.) and Class I, Division 2, see Approvals tab
Hazardous area approvals: ANX
Ex d, Ex i Class I, Division 1 (XP) and Class I, Division 2, see Approvals tab


  • Axiom AN / ANX brochure (Stonel branded)
  • Axiom AN / ANX brochure (Neles branded)
  • Axiom AN Installation manual, English
  • Axiom ANX Installation Manual EN
  • Bench test diagram
  • Pneumatic accessories (.pdf)
  • Axiom AN / ANX spool valve rebuild kits
  • Axiom AN dimensional drawing (.pdf)
  • Axiom AN 3D Cad files (.stp)
  • DeviceNet .eds files
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