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Bellow Seal Valve

Manufacturers of high-quality bellow seal valves are ready to serve you.

At GM Engineering, we prioritize the quality of our bellow seal valves above all else. With over 20 years of experience in manufacturing, we have become experts in ensuring that our valves meet the highest standards. We take pride in our commitment to placing customer satisfaction before profits, and we believe that this mindset has led to our success in completing numerous onshore and offshore bellow seal valve orders.
Our in-house manufacturing capabilities also enable us to compete with bellow seal valve exporters in India, giving us a distinct advantage in delivering top-quality products to our customers.


  • Capability to independently produce and export large-scale bellow seal valve orders.
  • Skilled workforce dedicated to meeting your valve specifications and custom needs.
  • Infrastructure that guarantees both quality and quantity, without any delays or complications.
  • The extensive experience allows us to improve our manufacturing and exporting processes.
  • Certifications that serve as a mark of excellence for our products and services.
  • Pricing advantage that benefits our international customers due to currency disparities.


  • Out GM Engineering, we specialize in manufacturing various types of valves, including bellow seal valves. These valves are particularly popular due to their ability to accommodate a wide range of liquids and gases, whether toxic or non-toxic.
  • Our bellow seal valves are offered in different variants, each featuring screw, socket weld, or butt weld ends. They are also designed without a seat and gland, ensuring durability, and their sealing ring can be easily replaced or renewed.Moreover, our bellow seal valves conform to strict standards, including the 800# ANSI class rating, API 602 design standard, and API 598 testing standard.
  • These certifications guarantee the quality of our products. We also offer a range of sizes, with standard variants available in sizes between 15mm and 40mm.


Application Steam , Thermic Fluids , Acids , Gases , Vacuum and other Critical media
Features / Benefit Seatless , Glandless , Renewable Sealing Ring
Ansi Class / Rating 800#
Design Standard API 602
Testing Standard API 598
Size 15 to 40 MM
Materials A105 , F304 , F316
Ends Screwed End , Socket Weld End , Butt Weld End
Operation Manual
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