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Neles™ butterfly valve, series BW

The Neles BW series valve, featuring a metal seated double eccentric disc, is engineered to deliver precise control and secure closure even in demanding conditions. Its various seat options make it an ideal choice for industries such as refining, power, petrochemical, and chemical. The BW series excels in high-temperature, high-cycle, and abrasive environments, ensuring extended operational life.

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  • Reduced ownership expenses
  • Minimal pressure loss and energy consumption during the process
  • Reliable performance even in challenging and dynamic process conditions
  • Short maintenance intervals to minimize downtime


  • The solid metal seat design relies on metal-to-metal contact for tightness
  • Tightness is achieved without the need for resilient components
  • The valve has excellent control and on-off capabilities
  • The design adheres to API 609 and ASME B16.34 standards
  • The valve meets low emissions requirements outlined in ISO 15848
  • It is certified to achieve safety performance up to SIL 3 level according to IEC61508
  • The mounting face conforms to ISO 5211 standards
  • The valve can operate in an extremely wide temperature range of up to +470 °C / +880 °F
  • It has a fire safe certification according to API 607, 6th edition
  • The valve has wide rangeability in services with low pressure drop
  • Its two-piece shaft design enhances valve capacity
  • The valve is equipped with in-built thermal and pressure compensation
  • Its heavy-duty stem and bearings design extends service life and is resistant to thermal cycles and impurities
  • The valve has the smallest operational torque in the industry, resulting in a cost-efficient valve package
  • The seat can be replaced on-site without disassembling the disc and shaft, and no adjustment or special tools are needed


  • Chemical processes
  • Refinery
  • Petrochemical
  • Off-shore
  • Steel mills gas services
  • Natural gas
  • Power generation
  • Fertilizers


Body constructions:
Flanged short and long pattern
Lug and wafer design
Butt weld ends
Body pressure rating:
PN 63 – 400 / ASME Class 600 – 2500
Seat design:
Single U-type metal seat
Size range:
DN 100 – 1600 / 4″ – 64″
-200 to +470 °C / -320 to +880 °F


  • Technical bulletin
  • Installation, maintenance and operation manual
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