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Neles™ ceramic ball valve, series E

The Neles E series ball control valves are crafted to withstand the harsh erosive demands of various industrial sectors, such as pulp and paper, petrochemicals, refining, and related fields. These valves are designed for highly abrasive rotary control applications and use state-of-the-art ceramic material to line the flow path and trim parts. By utilizing ceramic valves, plants can increase process availability and reduce maintenance costs.


  • Extended service life as there are no metallic parts in the flow path that are prone to wear and tear.
  • Can operate at higher temperatures than traditional valves.
  • Fewer potential leakage paths due to the valve’s unique body design.
  • Low emissions.


  • The valve features a flow path made entirely of ceramic, eliminating the presence of any metallic components.
  • The material is specifically engineered to withstand thermal shocks. The valve’s robust design features a backlash-free ball-to-stem connection with a stainless steel stem.
  • It is available in lug and wafer body types and features a one-piece body. For smaller capacity applications, low Cv trim options are available.
  • Finally, the valve utilizes live-loaded packing.


  • Slurries
  • Fluids with hard particles


Ceramic flow path, reduced port, wafer & lugged, control ball valve
Size range
DN 25 – 100 / 1″ – 4″ (wafer, E2)
DN 25 – 200 / 1″ – 8″ (lugged, E6)
Body materials:
Stainless steel / Magnesia,partially stabilized Zirconia (Mg-PS2)Metal Matrix Composite (MMC)
Pressure ratings
PN 10 – 40 / ASME 150 – 300
Temperature range
-40 to +450 °C / -40 to +840 °F


  • Technical Bulletin
  • Installation, maintenance and operation brochure
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