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Neles™ modular ball valve, series M

The M series of Neles’ modular ball valves is designed to provide superior performance for pulp and paper applications. Several decade experience of Neles has fine tuned this product to deliver pulp and paper customers easy product selection with industry leading performance. Valve series includes seat supported and trunnion mounted ball valve designs covering seat types, size ranges and material options offering comprehensive coverage for pulp and paper.


  • Easy product selection, optimized for pulp and paper applications 
  • Reduced number of valves required, shut-off and control performance in same valve
  • Reduced spare part inventory via product modularity


  • Material option range suitable for P&P applications
  • Tight shut-off and control performance in one package
  • Seat types optimized for common P&P application needs
  • Neles Q-trim™ technology for control applications, anti-cavitation and noise reduction
  • SIL 3 certified


  • Pulp & paper
  • Digesters and fiberlines
  • Liquor service
  • Chemical recovery
  • Sludge treatment
  • TMP-plants
  • Deinking and recycling plants
  • Steam
  • Paper mill applications


Flanged, seat supported & trunnion mounted, full bore ball valve
Size range
DN 25 – 600/NPS 1”–24” (M1-series)
DN 25 – 600/NPS 1”–24” (M2-series)
DN 100 – 400/NPS 4”–16” (M9-series)
Face to face
M1: ISO 5752
M2: ASME B16.10
M9: Old Neles series P (internal)
Pressure ratings
EN PN 10-40, ASME 150-300, JIS 10K-20K
Temperature range
-50 °C … +260 °C / -60 °F … +500 °F


  • Techical bulletins, M1 series
  • Techical bulletins, M2 series
  • Installation, maintenance and operation manual
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