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Neles™ NDX valve controller – Performance perfected

The Neles NDX valve controller offers a versatile solution for a broad range of valve brands and applications, suitable for customers and industries across the board. Built with Neles’ hallmark robustness and reliability, this product is also highly user-friendly and effortless to install.

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  • Operation Savings
  • Reliability
  • Ease


  • Performance is optimized
  • Superior diagnostic and data storage capabilities are provided
  • Both local and remote configuration options are available
  • Diagnostic data is easy to interpret
  • Suitable for rotary and linear valves
  • Available in both single and double acting versions
  • Low air consumption
  • Reliable and robust design
  • Device offers self-diagnostics
  • On-line performance and communication diagnostics are included
  • Intrinsically safe and explosion proof
  • Capable of SIL 2 certification


Temperature range:
-40 … +85 °C / -40 … +185 °F
Protection class:
IP66 / NEMA 4X enclosure


  • Technical bulletin, compact model
  • Technical bulletin, standard model
  • Installation, maintenance and operation brochure
  • Installation, maintenance, and operation manual, quick guide
  • Product offering brochure
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