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Neles™ SwitchGuard™ SG9000 – intelligent on/off valve controller

The Neles SwitchGuard is a premium intelligent controller for on/off valves, compatible with various valve actuators. Its considerable pneumatic capacity and integrated diagnostic capabilities empower users to ensure uninterrupted operation of their high cycling valves in rigorous industrial processes.

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  • Ensuring dependable performance and anticipating maintenance needs
  • Minimizing expenses through reduced installation and maintenance costs
  • Facilitating straightforward installation, setup, and system integration


  • The SwitchGuard boasts substantial pneumatic capability, enabling the straightforward substitution of solenoid valves and other pneumatics peripherals, and delivering a reliable interface with the process control system.
  • Its programmable speed control feature allows for simple adjustment of opening and closing times, promoting hassle-free long-term valve operation.
  • Moreover, diagnostic information is conveyed in an easily comprehensible manner, enabling preemptive maintenance of possibly failing valve assemblies before they can disrupt the process.


  • High cycling on/off service
  • Process critical on/off service
  • Diagnostics for on/off valves


Supply power:
Loop powered, 4-20 mA. Binary 24 VDC possible via U/I converter
Temperature range:
-40 °C … +85 °C
Anodized aluminum or stainless steel
Max. exhaust capacity:
700 Nm3/h (Cv 6.4)
Hazardous area approvals:
Ex d, Ex ia (for complete list see technical bulletin)


  • Technical bulletin
  • Installation, maintenance and operation manual
  • Product Offering brochure
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