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Neles™ three lever valve for Air Separation Units (ASU), series BH

The Neles lever valves are specifically designed for use as an air inlet shut-off valve in air separation units. They are equipped with a self-locking safety mechanism that ensures proper function within a specified differential pressure range. The lever arrangement is designed to minimize friction during valve operation. The sealing sections are engineered to resist abrasion wear, resulting in a remarkably low torque level.

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  • Avoid pressure surges in the molecular sieve reactor
  • Stainless steel construction suitable for wet media
  • Equipped with a heating jacket for use in cold regions


  • Offers high flow capacity
  • Soft and metal sealing options available
  • Available in carbon and stainless steel material
  • The valve is inherently safe and opens only under precise differential pressure
  • Option for heating jacket construction



Size range
DN 200 – 1600 / 8″ – 64″
Max. +260 ºC
Pressure classes
PN 10 – 40, ASME Class 150 & 300 drillings available


  • Downloads
  • Installation, maintenance and operation manual
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